Pimsleur Mandarin 1 Study Phrases


Hi There,
I created a flash card file with a few hundred phrases to help study Pimsleur's Mandarin 1.
It basically contains most of the expressions and different ways of saying things.
I find it really helps me to remember word order and how to construct sentences, and is a good companion to the vocab lists that have been posted on the web for Pimsleur. Maybe someday I'll get around to doing Mandaran 2 & 3.

BTW, please post additional phrases or corrections, and if anyone wants some practices on Chinese characters, you could fill in the missing ones and repost them. :D



And so you're right.

Here's a revised version with both the Simplified and Traditional characters. I've also added a sub category marker after //Pimsleur so everything is nicely contained.

Basically, I used the first online character converter I could find (http://www.khngai.com/chinese/tools/convert.php) and then imported it into pleco, let pleco assign all the missing headings, exported it back out, undid the import, cleaned it all up and then reimported it again.

The duplicate entries are the ones without definitions. I've left them in as they exist under different categories and I guess you might want to preserve that.