Picture flashcards; Quick list!


There are two things that I think could be cool to have in later update.

Quick list:

I think it would be cool if the list (表) could also be used as a quick list. By quick list i mean a list were you could throw in some words for quick reviewing when reading an newspaper article for example. I some times find that neither making a flashcard list or the "input history" list is optimal for the job.

Picture Flashcards:

Another feature I think could be cool is picture flashcards. I have never really used them myself because they are just to expensive and take up to much space but i think it would be brilliant to have them on the PDA and Pleco. I believe PFC's could be very effective in learning names of things especially.

Just my 2 cents :)


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The quick list is a little like something we were playing around with in the original designs for PlecoDict - a combined flashcard list / history list. We might look at doing this in 1.1... it really wouldn't take that much, just a few tweaks: multiple toolbar add-to-flash buttons with different default lists, some sweep / auto-delete options for flashcard lists, and the ability to bring up a flashcard list in the main screen Entry List, each of which would offer significant benefits beyond just this feature.

Picture flashcards are a little trickier, they'd require either a significant amount of new code (and then only work on palmOne models with photo sync models) or we'd have to license the photos from someone. But maybe once we develop a desktop version we can look into adding this sort of thing.


There are a bunch of Chinese<>English picture dictionaries. Maybe you could license one of them, although I don't see how that solves the problem of coding.



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Most of those dictionaries (as far as I know) use a lot of numbered full-page pictures - a good idea in a printed book but not really very useful on a tiny PDA screen.

But certainly someone might have picture content available, so we'll look around.