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There were a couple threads on document annotation as a feature here. From what I gather there are costs associated with implementing this feature and that this would be a proprietary system. There was some cost associated with licensing this from the rendering company but easy to implement. I'm fine with paying for the ability to highlight. To me, even $30 would be reasonable given the hours saved (the cost of the basic bundle).

Right now I only get a list of words at the end as flashcards. I can't see these words in the context of the document.

I like being able to look up words that I don't know. However, I want to highlight the words I don't know in the context of the document I am reading. I have resorted to a document annotation app and looking things up on Pleco. This requires using two devices simultaneously and manually looking up each word. It's time consuming.

I imagine that other users face the same issues. Thanks!


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Thanks - we're working on something for this, just not 100% clear what will get released yet.


Sounds good, hoping that it comes soon. I know that lots of these requests don't ever see the light of day.
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