pdf fonts blurry after zoom


Hi. Happy Pleco user here.

I'm using the pdf reader, and there's a minor issue:
when reading a pdf, if I zoom in the characters are blurry.

- page view in Pleco is fine
- characters become blurry after zoom in in Pleco
- characters remain sharp after zoom in in other pdf viewer

It's an Android thing; does not happen on IOS.
I've attached screenshots. Tried Pleco 3.2.88 and 3.2.89. Tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, running Android 12.
ry. Screenshot_Pleco_pdf_fullpage.jpgScreenshot_Pleco_pdf_zoom.jpgScreenshot_Drive_zoom.jpg


Staff member
Yes, it's a known problem with the way we've currently implanted PDF decoding support - basically it just behaves like an OCR session but with the characters already 'recognized' as the ones in the file.

Fixing to a proper tiled-rendering PDF viewer is on our to-do list, but probably only a change we'll make when we drop support for older devices with buggy graphic rendering. (which we could probably go ahead and do anytime now, just have to make the decision to actually do it) I suppose one thing we could consider in the meantime would be to just render it as one really giant image on devices with adequate RAM, since that wouldn't require rewriting anything.