.pdb files and similar


Hello everyone!

I'd just would like to know if there is a way, if there is a program to open the pdb files in my computer, or the Pleco dictionary itself. From time to time I would like to pick a concrete word from the dictionary, with all the definitions or example sentences, and the only way I found was through exporting all my lists to the flash.txt file. and then copy and paste it in my computer via USB.
And if this is not possible, is there a faster way to do it? I am not very good with these devices...

Thank you!


Staff member
You mean .pqb files, right? (flashcard databases) Those are standard SQLite database files, so while the format is a bit murky / complicated, any SQLite database browsing utility (the cross-platform SQLite Manager add-on for Firefox, for example) should let you browse around at least.


Yes! Since my knowledge of this new world (new for me, of course) is quite small, more or less that is what I was looking for. Thank you very much!