Outlier Linguistics pipelining strategy for learning new characters; musings on setting it up in Pleco


I'm not sure this is the right place for this...

Outlier Linguistics suggests learning the meaning, pronunciation, and form of characters separately in this video here. They call it 'pipe-lining.'

It seems like a neat idea.

I was thinking about how to set it up in pleco, but it presents a couple problems.

First, you'd need to create different scorefiles for each facet of the character you want to learn. secondly, afaik pleco chooses characters randomly from within activated categories, so if you wanted to be working with batches of 5 characters, you'd have to break characters up into a ton of small categories and manually activate each new category every day.

finally, once you have learned all 3 facets of a character, you have to have a different scorefile for characters that you have already learned.

So total you would need 4 scorefiles and a gazillion 5 character categories :D

I suppose there might be an easier way to do it in anki but I am not too familiar with anki..


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You could do it in a single profile/scorefile in Pleco if you set 'subject selection' in Test Settings to 'score-based'; that will change which parts of a card it shows you based on score and so it should be possible to configure a progression similar to this one.

(obviously a lot more options coming in 4.0 but that seems to be the answer for every question here lately and in this case you can actually have a somewhat workable solution even without waiting for that)


Cool! Even cooler would be hiding the sections that allow cheating (Components, Stroke Order etc.) if it's asking for hanzi. What's usually of interest is the Meanings section (and also hiding all pinyin as any variant readings are usually similar to the main).