Outlier Linguistics Masterclass


Those of you who are attending Outlier Masterclass (https://courses.outlier-linguistics.com/ ) on how to improve character memorization, as they provide only Skritter flashcards, I suggested sharing here the task of making the cards for each week and Outlier agreed.

How to do it:
  1. copy the list from Skritter https://skritter.com/vocablists/view/5136078384267264
  2. Clip-read it in Pleco
  3. Create a new category OSC week 1, then week 2 etc. by long clicking on +
  4. Click on a character, select OTS/OTC dictionary by clicking the acronyms (PLC etc.) until you reach it
  5. When all is set up you only have to repeatedly click on the character then + to automatically add it to the last selected list
  6. Check with Organize cards that all characters are here and all entries point at the outlier dictionary (often it doesn't for some reasons) . Then change dictionary/entry when need be.
  7. Then Import/Export, Export cards and change card selection and categories to export only the Outlier ones.
  8. Post here your contribution (you need to zip it first) :D
I start with Week 1 OSC, feel free to contribute with other weeks and OTC and put everything together

PS: you need the OSC/OTC installed to get the right entries


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Hi Kyococo,
Thanks for your good idea and contribution.
Here is mine with Week 2 OTC.

By the way how you are doing with the Master Class? I just started on Tuesday.