Option to Display Tone Marks Over Chinese Characters Without Pinyin


Hello everyone,

I've been exploring our Pleco's capabilities with Chinese character display and noticed a potential area for enhancement. Currently, when using Ruby text to annotate characters, it seems we can only display tone marks as part of the full Pinyin. This setup may not suit everyone's needs, especially for those who are already familiar with the pronunciation but still need help with tone recognition.

I am suggesting an option that allows us to display only the tone marks directly above the Chinese characters, without accompanying Pinyin(我̄ 我̌ 我́ 我̀). This feature could be incredibly beneficial for intermediate learners focusing on mastering tones.

Attached are some images illustrating how this might look. This visual aid could make it easier for users to quickly recognize and learn correct tones without the clutter of full Pinyin.

I believe this enhancement would appeal to many users and significantly aid in learning efficiency.

Thank you for considering this improvement!



Staff member
Thanks for the feedback. Is there a particular reason why you prefer this over tone coloring?


Thanks for the feedback. Is there a particular reason why you prefer this over tone coloring?
It takes quite some time to get used to the tone colored text and then it feels a bit confusing when switching back to normal, or reading something that is not colored.

In some instances, because of the difference in fonts(OCR-book), sometimes the colored word is much harder to read, some characters are thicker, some characters are not.

Also using the tone coloring in combinations with adding highlight to mark the word - this makes the highlighted word really hard to read.

Nevertheless, I think the tone coloring is also a great feature and I use it a lot, I just thought maybe this would feel more natural and the screen would not be overloaded with colors. Some users may prefer one method over the other and this feature would add another useful option to Pleco customization.