Null entry when creating Anki cards from EN-CN dict.


Using Ankidroid as the flashcard system, I have tried to create flashcards from both the new horizons and oxford (demo) english-chinese dictionaries. I can't seem to get the definition entries to show up on the cards. When viewed in Ankidroid, cards will look like this:

Front: bicycle
Back: bicycle[bicycle] null

Could someone help me solve this? Maybe I have a bad setting, or could this be fixed in an update?

Default New Card Model (word): Basic
Default New Card Model (cloze): Basic
Use for word duplicate checking: True
Use for sentence duplicate checking: False
Include Fields: sc
Include Fields: sc,yy,df,py,tc
Format as Pleco Header: False
Include Examples: True
Plaintext definition: True


Staff member
I'm afraid definitions from those dictionaries can't be exported to Anki (copyright restrictions - we can't export them in cleartext). The ABC English-Chinese and NWP English-Chinese are our only two paid English-Chinese add-ons that do allow Anki exports.