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    Hi. I am very new to learning Chinese, and just purchased Pleco's addons and dictionaries today - mainly because I read in another forum a discussion about Skritter alternatives. My Chinese is still pre-kindergarden level. So far I only tried the first 5 lessons of the Pimsleur course.

    But, for some reason I found this page here today:

    I can't (yet) understand a word without using Google's webpage translator. But I thought maybe it could be interesting for the more advanced readers here in this forum. So, I want to share it with my first post. It seems to have many ebooks to offer in epub, mobi and txt format - according to Google translator they have classic texts, love stories, horror stories, science fiction and many other categories. I hope it's legal...

    For my case, I want to start now with a set of three study books from Zhang Pengpeng, that promise to lead to "Rapid Literacy" - at least that is the title of the third book in this series. I am curios if that works... :)

    Best regards.
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