Not repeating all incorrect cards

I just completed a flash card review of 1441 cards, with 530 incorrect. Normally, those 530 would be presented again at end for me to continue reviewing/testing until I mark them correct (based on the settings I’ve always used). I have never noticed it not repeating all “marked incorrect” cards at end of cycle until today. For some reason, it decided to repeat 348 cards. Any ideas why this might have happened? I really needed to continue reviewing those missing 182 cards, but now I have no idea which ones they were, so I’ll have to review the original 1441 cards again.


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Sorry about that - to be honest, the current system for saving / restoring sessions wasn't really built to be as durable as it probably should have been, we were optimizing around size and speed (this having originally been designed on 2008-era iPhones) so saved sessions are in a weird little temporary file binary format.

In 4.0 (which we're now beta testing), we've corrected this and now this sort of short-term study data is saved in your main flashcard database and in exactly the same way as all other flashcard data.

At any rate, to review those other incorrect cards, you can create another profile (tap "Profile" and then tap on the "Manage" button and "New"), make sure it uses the same score file as your original one (probably "Default" unless you've changed it), and then in that profile, turn on a 'card filter' 'time filter' to catch cards that were 'last reviewed' since the start of this 1441 card test, and a 'history filter' to look for 'incorrect in row' 1. With those options selected, you should get a test exclusively on cards that were last answered correctly + reviewed in that most recent test.