No home screen shortcuts on MIUI 10

I've recently bought a new Xiaomi phone and am missing the functionality of having a dictionary shortcut available (like I had it within the launcher of my old Huawei phone).
Is there anything I'm missing or is the functionality not there? I can't see anything in the widgets section.
Other apps, like browsers, allow custom shortcut creation within their apps, maybe that's a possible way to add this to MIUI.

Thanks again for your great product though!


Staff member
There is an option in the Pleco Settings screen under Miscellaneous / Launchers to create a launcher from within Pleco, but it's not that reliable on newer devices since Google and OEMs keep mucking with the app launcher.

Is there another tab besides 'widgets' in your phone's launcher? It might be that they've broken out widgets and app shortcuts into different sections.
Thanks for the reply!
I did some further digging, neither those long-press app shortcuts work in the MIUI launcher.
Also they seem to not support the icon app shortcuts... Probably there's not much you can do, and I also do not understand why such elementary Android functions are not supported.