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I am trying to figure out the latest ideas on how to best get daily news into Pleco Reader. For instance, I use the "News Free" rss app and then just copy a Chinese article to Pleco's reader via auto pasteboard. I used to use's app in the same way, but they changed the format and copying articles is no longer a simple exercise.

I have also tried simply finding a news websites via the browser but none I have found provides smooth an experience as I would like, at least compared to the pasteboard approach highlighted in the previous paragraph.

Any comments appreciated.


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Why not just use the Web Reader? You can tap on words to look them up directly or (in the new app) tap on the 'glasses' button to pull them up in a separate text-only screen from which you can then save them.


I am finding that lot of the sites just are not that fluid or responsive. However, The glasses thing might be the answer. I will give that a try.
If headlines and 3 extra lines are enough, I had success with Androids "RSSdemon v4.x.x" app finding some feeds, and then clicking on the floating button . Tested with v4.2 Jellybean