Newest pleco for android problems

I installed newest pleco from google play and:
I would like to have option to ask me if i want to quit, cause i often presss back key and it quits.
When i click on some character popup appears but this popup is not much configurable i would like to have option to configure popup like: have ability to choose size of popup to see more definitions at once. And to have such ability - the char which i clicked on to be big like font 36 and definition of what it means to be small like 18.
thanks. (if it is possible)


Staff member
If you go into Settings / Miscellaneous there's a "back button behavior" option that will let you configure Pleco to return to the main dictionary screen on a 'back' before exiting altogether.

Popup definition needs a refresh, yes - working on a new UI for that, just wasn't ready for 3.1.
Id like to say that back button thing was killing me at fiRst. Drove me nuts and was one of the things i wanted to bring up.... until i actually found the setting which changes the behavior and all was again good with the world.