New user of Pleco seeking for help!

Hey! My name is Hobbe and I am a full-time chinese language student along side my studies in International Business at Lund University in Sweden. Given that I have just been sent off for summer-break, I'm now, more than ever, in need of finding a efficient way of testing both old and new vocab. I just bought the add-ons to Pleco IOS and am hence here to ask for suggestions for the flashcards function of Pleco.

The material I am working with:

- 5 chapters of reading material from my university with around 700-800 new vocabulary (in total) to study over summer
- Pleco IOS (with the purchased add-ons)
- Glossika (doing about 200 reps and 30 new sentences per day)

Btw; I'm a total beginner and have only done 30 ECTS in Chinese language so far (started in January) but I am putting a lot of effort in. Thinking of doing 2-4 hours per day all summer. As well, I will be spending 2 years out of my coming 4 in China (through my university studies).


Hi Hobbe,

downloading Pleco certainly is a very good start! Your studying method can be quite simple: You can start reading the Chinese texts you have, add all new vocabulary to Pleco's flashcards and then study it in Pleco in both the Chinese-English and English-Chinese directions. Here's a good tutorial for newcomers:

I recommend that you create categories and subcategories inside Pleco named after where you saw the vocab, which makes it easier to study vocab from specific sources separately. After having studied the vocab in Pleco for 1-2 hours, you can go back to the texts where they appear and read them again. The reading process should become easier this time. Also make sure to listen to audio material and repeat what you hear. You can listen to it with the written text in front of you, or later, without it. You have the four basic elements: Listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Ideally, you're developing them in parallel. If you need more material, such as a textbook which includes grammar, you can read the Chinese Language section on the Forums, where the different ways of studying are discussed, including podcasts.

That would be the basic framework. Perhaps later on in your studies, you may run into particular issues that the Forums can help with.

Have fun,