new practical chinese reader


i would like to get the flashcards for this series- i saw them at the flashcard exchange but it looks like it requires a paid membership to get them for my plecodict. is this correct? and if so, is there another place to get them? thanks.
You don't have to pay to get them. You can view them and extract them from the viewer. Downloading would just be faster.

It's only 20$ for a lifetime membership. In terms of how many hours you'd save typing them in, I'd say it's actually an excellent deal.

But again, it is possible to extract them without paying and it would not take much time.


As it happens, I've made a set of Pleco flashcards from Lessons 1 to 31, copying out the English translation exactly for each vocab item in the lists. I also copied out the Chinese Examples for each word from Lessons 7 to 16 (after that, it just felt like too much work), replacing each instance of the headword with '~', (so 上来 -> ~来 if it appears in the definition of 上).

I've also created a database of may be useful in avoiding creation of huge swathes of user-dict entries. I will have to investigate to see if that can work.

They can be found here: