New Practical Chinese Reader NPCR 2nd Edition

Discussion in 'Flashcard Exchange' started by Ashley Ben, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Ashley Ben

    Ashley Ben Member


    I've found a few flashcards around for NPCR but most don't mention the edition. Just going on the date the book was published I can't find any recent one that would be for the new books.

    Does anyone have flashcards for the 2nd edition? Or is the vocabulary the same for both editions?

    Any help would be great!

  2. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Hi Ashley,

    all I know is that the second edition of NPCR has more colorful illustrations and otherwise only relatively slight changes compared to the first edition. So the differences in the vocabulary for each lesson should be negligible. I could be wrong, but that's what I heard from my bookseller.

    Cheers, Shun
  3. Ashley Ben

    Ashley Ben Member


    Thanks for the reply Shun.

    I was trying to save myself a trip to the bookstore again and wanted to just buy it on taobao but I guess I'll have to have a trip down to Fuzhou Lu!

    I was there the other day and was actually comparing the 2nd edition to the new 3rd edition, which is actually very different. I only compared one "lesson" but the topics were completely different. Perhaps the overall vocabulary is the same but the order has been changed. Although my new chinese teacher uses the 2nd edition so I'll be getting that anyway

    Again, thanks for the help!.
  4. Shun

    Shun 状元

    You're welcome!

    It seems that only the first volume of the third edition can be had right now, but good to know!

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