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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Michael, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Member

    Does anyone have any experience using Pleco on some of these new Android phones that are coming on to the market from Chinese companies with names like: Bluedio, Android, G-Plus, VoVo and probably a number of other ones? Most look like Samsung Galaxy S3 knock-offs. I live in Taiwan and I've noticed that they've suddenly started popping up.
  2. Ye Kaiwen

    Ye Kaiwen 秀才

    I use a Chinese Coolpad I picked up for 600 RMB, with Android 4.2 on it. Pleco photo-OCR works fine on it, as well as all the other Pleco features.
  3. ozinchina

    ozinchina Member

    I'm in China and needing to buy a new phone. Currently using Android but been looking and MEIZU for value for money and nice UI but discovered it's not an Android.

    It's using FlymeOS so I'm wondering if this is Pleco compatible?????

    Been reading other hardware posts about the Palm OS etc but it's all a bit "greek to me"

    Appreciate some help and insight into this as I need to buy upgrade soon.

  4. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    I got a new phone just a couple of days ago. The company is based in Shenzhen, I believe. The name of the brand is Vernee, the model is Thor. Bought it for 106$ from everbuying, but the price has gone up a little. Free shipping, but took three weeks (to Germany). I haven’t noticed any of the earlier bugs mentioned online, and so far (it’s been out a couple of months) they have provided one software update per month, fixing and improving stuff everytime.
    Pleco works great on it, too.
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  5. ccht

    ccht Member

    Maybe I'm late with this reply... I used Meizu for 2 years, is perfectly compatible with Pleco. FlymeOS is just the company version of Android, forgot the technical name for that. Is an Android phone but almost every chinese company run a 'private' version of that Android OS. Meizu has FlymeOS, Huawei EMUI and so on...

    There is only a problem with some chinese phones: some apps with In App purchases wont work correctly or Google Play don't recognize that phone and therefore you can't download that app in ther app store, but you always can find the app APK (installer) last version on Internet.
  6. markkent

    markkent Member

    I also have a Meizu and you are right, it can install and run most apps from Playstore but not all of them. I've not installed Pleco on my Meizu but on my iPhone that I've been using for 2 years now.
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