Needing help with settings (review more often )

Hello everyone, I'm Gab, EFL teacher in China and I've been learning chinsese for around four years. I'm currently studying the book "learn and remember 2178 Chinese characters" for both reviewing the characters I've studied in the past and learning new ones.

I've to say that pleco is a great app that I always strongly recommend to any foreigner learning Chinese that I come across. However I'd like to customize the test and card settings in order to better suit my learning process.
My question is simple: how could I set the parameters so that I would be asked very often on the characters that I've recently added and on the ones I often get wrong? When I'm learning new characters I like to be tested on them several times a day for the first days. Currently after I answered correctly I have to wait for a a few days before being testing again...I tried look on the User's guide but it's a bit too complicated for me to understand. Could anyone help me? Thanks very much in advance and good luck with your Chinese learning 熟能生巧,加油!


Staff member
Set 'day type' in Card Selection to 'hours' and greatly increase the number of points per day, to 1000 e.g. That will shorten intervals + allow for multiple repeats on the same day.