Multiple flashcard tests running concurrently

Hello there,

I think a feature where you can have different tests running at the same time would be awesome, if that is possible.

Sometimes I can dedicate 100% concentration into learning something new, but others I can only glance at my iPad and do very basic revision and look at a flashcard every 5 minutes or so.

When I do the very basic revision, I’ll have all the previously looked at HSKs (for example 1,2,3,4) loaded ~ 1200 cards. But in between reviewing all of those cards over a few days I would love to be able to flit to another test where I am 100% learning new cards.

At the moment I have Pleco loaded on 2 iPads and 1 iPhone which kinda gets me 3 different running tests at any one time - but being able to do different tests on the same device would be great!


Staff member
Thanks for the feedback.

You could get something like this in our current app by simply adding a “card filter” to that HSK profile to require that cards’ last review date be before the start of your current HSK “cycle”.