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I am HSK5-6 speaking right now but haven't taken tests as I haven't done many characters.

I am looking for some lists of commonly used words / characters, ideally 3000 - 10000. I originally thought characters would be better but then likely learning them as words would make more sense. I've imported a few lists before but then I find that they are for example 100 characters on a single page. How do I get it so that they go through 1 at a time, the same as the pre-installed HSK flashcards that are in Pleco? I am hoping to daily just go through for example the most common 1-100 and then when I am passed, move on to the next set.

Many thanks and for much that I've learnt in these forums.



欢迎! I'd recommend that you check out these frequency lists:

These lists include both single characters and words with more than one character ordered by frequency, either global or grouped by sources.

Would you be able to make flashcards out of these, or can we help?


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That looks incredible and likely exactly what I am after. I am more looking for daily life words I would imagine compared to literature.

Would be amazing if could get some help with that? I've used Pleco for years but mainly just the dictionary and then the HSK flashcard lists that I do tests on everyday. If I could get something similar where I can test / learn everyday and start with the most common ones and gradually progress, that would be awesome.

Many thanks for your help and also that link!


Sure! I've picked the "blog" category of BCC vocabulary because that should come closest to daily life vocab. You can try importing the attached list of 10,000 most common flashcards into Pleco. Use the following settings in the Import Flashcards screen:


Under "Dictionaries", you can choose which dictionaries among the ones you have installed the flashcards should be associated with, and in what order Pleco should search them for definitions. In some cases, you will have to edit the cards invidually and manually pick which pronunciation of a character you would like. That's because the BCC list doesn't include pinyin.

Afterwards, in Organize Flashcards, split the category I called "BCC blog frequency 10000" into subcategories of 100 cards by tapping the (i) button at the right of "BCC blog frequency 10000". (Choose Sequential ordering in the Split screen so the order is preserved.)

That's it! I also like to study using split categories—it gives me the most control.

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That is awesome, thanks a lot. I've downloaded and installed on my iPhone and iPad and other than installing on both (and then remembering it syncs all files) I am good and set to go. Many thanks!


Is there any way to have the cards actually appear in the test as the frequency they show in the list?
I imported them and broke them into the categories but it still takes those 100 cards and displays them randomly.


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If you set "Card Selection" "System" to "Fixed" and sort by "created" that should generally review them in the same order the list was created.