Missing fourth tone mark?

For 故事 which uses the definition "story", the book I'm reading states the pinyin is "gùshì" but the PLC dictionary says "gùshi" for that definition. Google Translate also agrees with the book pronunciation. Why does the PLC dictionary disagree?
Hello JLit,

I suggest that you have a look at this thread:


It could be that the pinyin line in the book you're reading or Google's pinyin was automatically generated, or that the book is from Taiwan, where this losing of tones in the second syllable doesn't occur (to my knowledge).

I see that 故事 pronounced "gùshì" can also mean something different, "old practice, routine".


Hello Shun.

Thank you for the information!
I think I understand now.
It seems that they decided to keep the original tone.
Your answer was very helpful!
Thank you JD!

I wonder if the difference is just because it's an old story, "The Monkey King", so it's an old-fashioned way of pronouncing it. But knowing it can be both ways is helpful.