Migrating my add-ons and v4 beta to a new device


I'm loving Pleco so much that I got an iPad for it. I've installed the free v3 version on the iPad and it looks very nice. I can see the reader experience will be a lot nicer than my small phone.

I want to move the add-ons I got from the phone to the ipad, and then get the essentials package for the phone. I'd like to continue the v4 beta on both. I've come to prefer v4 now, but want to have v3 available just in case.

I see how to transfer Pleco from one device to another. My question is if there are any special considerations to transfer v4.

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It was easy. My iPad has both versions and all my addons. It looks beautiful.

Now I see that there are four distinct responses in the Learning profile (green, blue, red, yellow). That makes more sense now. I thought Correct and Too Easy were the same thing on my phone. Even if I saw they were different it would be hard to aim accurately when my tremor is acting up. The iPad experience is going to be better for learning here.

The remaining question is how to buy a registration for just the smaller bundle to use on my phone. should I create a new email address to register the second license?
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Great, thanks!

You can use it on two devices without a separate license, so no need to worry about that.