Memory needs of new products.


Right now I cannot afford to go out and buy an expansion card for my new Tungsten T3. :( After loading the T3's basic software, its main memory still has 48 mb available for application software.

Would you therefore post the memory needs of PlecoDict, broken down into the following categories:
1) Basic software, that is, all the "Partial/Preliminary Features" shown at URL except the dictionaries;
2) ABC Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary;
3) New World Press English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary; and
4) revamped Oxford Concise E-C&C-E Dictionary.


Staff member
Honestly, we don't know yet; we've been having some problems with a new compression algorithm we've been using, and we may decide to dump it and go back to the old one for PlecoDict 1.0 at least. So the ABC Comprehensive for example could potentially end up anywhere from 8-13MB (or possibly even a few MB higher). But with 48MB available, you should have no problem squeezing in all 3 dictionaries and all the major features, regardless of how the compression ends up; uncompressed the E-C Pinyin Dictionary only takes up about 5.5MB (so compressed it'll likely fall in the 2-3MB range), and the Oxford even with the old compression is only 2.66MB.