Lost user dictionary somehow. Can't test on cards anymore. Any help?

So I was trying to remap some custom cards to user dictionary to help with searching. In the process, I think I inadvertently deleted a user dictionary.

Now when I try to test on cards, I'm getting the following message: "The dictionary or entry that this card links to appears to be missing or unavailable."

Since I still have the cards, I *think* that all is not lost. Can someone help me get things working back correctly?

(I already tried remapping the cards to a new user dictionary but this didn't seem to work.)


Hi larrybills,

oh, that's terrible. I know that message. I have the sinking feeling that the contents of your flashcards were indeed lost by converting them to user dictionary entries and then erasing the user dictionary. I'm sorry for helping to cause this!

Perhaps you've made a backup onto iCloud recently? Then you may be able to restore your old Pleco state.


I think what I have to do is restore hidden definitions or something.
I shouldn't need a backup (which I don't have) since the cards are actually there. I know there must be a setting somewhere.

Not your fault at all. I was clicking around not knowing what I was really doing! :)


"Restore hidden definitions" I think works for custom cards that were changed to dictionary-linked cards, allowing you to return to the custom cards' contents. It might work, but I'm a bit pessimistic.

All right, I'm relieved. :)