Limit unlearned to 0

I just about have my flashcards set up to implement a two-tiered system where I see cards every day until I've gotten them right 4 times, after which they automatically "graduate" to repetition spacing. But there are a couple holes. Here's what I've done:

Profile "shengci":

[Regular settings]
Number of cards: All
Test type: Self-scored
Time filter: created within 10 days (hole #1)
Score filter: 100 to 103
[Advanced settings]
Card selection: Random
Limit unlearned cards to: 20 (part 1 of hole #2)
Learned if: correct total 2 (this is lower than the same setting below)
Scoring type: Manual
Raise by 1 point after 1 correct in a row
(Lowering is disabled)
Only change score once per day

Profile "ci":

[Regular settings]
Test type: Self-scored
Categories: Same as the shengci profile
All card filters are disabled
[Advanced settings]
Card selection: Repetition-spaced
Limit unlearned cards to: 5 (hole #2)
Learned if: correct total 4 (this corresponds to the 100-103 score range above)
Scoring type: Automatic

Hole #1 is the "created within 10 days" filter in shengci. This is to prevent older cards that reset back to a score of 100 when I get them wrong from jumping into the shengci list; I want those to follow the normal repetition spacing rules which seem to work well for me after the initial learning period. There is a "total number of times reviewed" filter but not one for "total number of correct answers" which is what I actually want -- this could filter out cards that I get wrong a lot in the first week and a half, though in practice I can always get them right at least 4 times out of 10. Basically I want the reverse of the "limit unlearned" feature here.

Hole #2 is the "limit unlearned cards to 20" setting on the shengci list. The problem is that a small number of cards that don't get shown to me in the shengci session (which I always do first) will show up in the regular session, and if I get them right their scores will get adjusted outside the range of the shengci filters. I can limit the damage to 5 cards at a time with the limit-unlearned setting on the ci profile, but it would be better if I could turn it all the way down to 0 such that the ci profile can only ever show me learned cards. On days when I don't have more than 20 brand-new shengci, this is actually not an issue since the repetition spacing setting on the ci profile will prevent just-reviewed shengci from showing up again (since the last-reviewed date will be set to today). The only way I can see to get around this is to get rid of the limit-unlearned setting on the shengci profile and make sure I don't enter too many new ones on any given day to keep the rate down.

Can I get the result I want in some different way?
Re: Limit unlearned to 0,

hi koreth,

i do something very similar like you, but i dont care if already learned cards leak back into the "shengci".
my setup differs like that:

shengci: (repetition spaced, no time limit)
filter cards 0-199
limit unlearned: 25
score: +50 after 2 right, no decrease on wrong

no card filter
limit unlearned: 0
score: +10% after 1 time right, -25% after 1 time wrong

that way i introduce new words only by the shengci profile, which makes sure, they disappear from that profile only after i got it right at least 4 times (and the last 2 times in series). if any word from the ci profile drops below 200 again, i want to review it that way again, as apparently i have still some problem with it. i made it this way, because with a score below 200 i had the feeling i see the card too many times with my percentual increases/decreases, so my shengci profile in fact is named "boost", hehe.
Re: Limit unlearned to 0,

How did you limit unlearned to 0? The menu next to that option only goes down to 5 for me. Or am I just not running a recent enough beta?
Re: Limit unlearned to 0,

oh, now i understand, whats your problem.

hmmm, i did not check the limit unlearned option on, i just ensure, there are no unlearned cards by always using the "shengci" profile first. but you are right, from time to time i also forget to "boost", so the card maybe moves from 100 to 110 (or to 75, hehe).... when i do the the next shengci session, i still need to get the card over 200, so its not a mayor problem...

but i would also prefer to have a "limit unlearned to 0", as with the additional options (to define what counts as learned) its also not possible to define all cards as unlearned (so to prevent additional cards from entering)...

maybe the new flashcard mode in 2.1 also could have an option to incorporate our (koreth and mine) method to headstart new words in its implementation, whats your opinion, mike? ;)
recently i made another addition to the above mentioned system of reviewing my cards.

the problem that is addressed is, that i know most of my cards with pinyin AND definition, but some of them i only know the pinyin. thats because the word uses maybe well-known characters or easy-to-remember characters. as i have to be quick in my reviews (due to the amount of words) i usually trust my subconsciousness to pick up the definition after some time, but for some words that does not work (did not find out the reason yet ;) )

so i introduced a category "intensify" and if i encounter a card during a session, that i know the pinyin, but cant remember the definition, then i add it to that category (with toggle cat button). the category "intensify" is excluded from my normal sessions. later during the day (after finished normal session) i do another session with those cards, but its a frequency based session, and the scores of the card are NOT decreased on wrong (because i know the pinyin, just try to remember the definition, so i will answer them as wrong, if i still dont know the definition) and it will be increased by 100, when i finally remember it. of course, i should also remove the "intensify" category in case of a remembered card...

the problem with that approach is, that i need significantly more time to finish my sessions... but i dont know how to improve that system. the additional time goes into the decision "did i know the definition good enough?". i hope that after some time i will know my cards well enough, that this is not a problem anymore, i already see some improvements.

i just tell you all of this just for your information, no bugs encountered or improvements for the flashcard system i could imagine. but it could be that somebody has a similar strange brain like me and could find my method useful...