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Is there any possibility of a Chinese/English Legal Dictionary? You have a business one, and if I remember correctly a chinese traditional medicine dictionary is coming to 2.0. I'm hoping for a legal one.

I searched the forum and found a post that you said acquiring specialized dictionaries is difficult because they are often old and not in electronic forum. That was 2004, so I'm hoping that things have changed in the ensuing 4 years.




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To be honest we haven't been doing much sniffing around for new dictionary licenses lately - there are one or two things we're still working on, but we've got an awful lot of capital tied up in royalty advances right now (thanks to all of the licensed-but-not-yet-released stuff) and we're waiting to clear some of that before we go out and look for any more dictionaries. But law and (Western) medicine are at the top of the list for specialty titles once we do start looking again.
元照法律词典》 is probably the most comprehensive English-Chinese legal dictionary available.
An electronic version is available on one of those Casio handhelds, whose interface isn't that great. Would be nice to have it on Pleco.
卡西欧电子词典—— EW-V5100L(法律英汉版)
辞典功能 《元照英美法辞典》和《英汉法律用语大辞典》,《新牛津英语大词典第二版》、《牛津同义词大词典第二版》、《牛津英语搭配大词典第二版》、《柯林斯 COBUILD英汉双解词典第二版》、《英汉大辞典第二版》、《现代汉语大词典》、《大学英语词汇手册》、《雅思核心词汇解析》等

Law might be important since many companies have business relationships with Asia now. These business relationships however also include technical issues. From my side - being an engineer in a company with a factory in China - this is even more important. So I'd vote for technical Chinese. This is what would make my life easier sometimes ... Is there something in the pipeline?

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Actually on engineering, science, and western medicine we think the 21st Century dictionary will be a big help - it has tons of vocabulary in those areas. So we're going to be interested to see how much people in those fields still feel like they need separate subject-specific dictionaries after they've started using that. We're planning a customer survey along with the finished 2.0 release which should help us get a better idea of which subjects have the most interest, and we'll figure out what to try to license next based on that and on feedback on the 21st Century dictionary.
What about a learners dictionary? Chinese to Chinese? It seems you need something to bridge the gap between the new full blown Chinese to Chinese dictionary.

Beijing Language and Culture University do 2 excellent learners dictionaries one for beginners the other for more advanced students. All the explanations and example sentences are given in simple Chinese. The dictionary is called (外国人学汉语工具书)学汉语用例词典 ,北京语言大学出版社。


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Some progress on this - not a well-known print dictionary, just a mass of data covering law and a lot of other domains, but it's huge and pretty carefully-developed and we think it'll be a real asset if we can get it licensed.