Jukuu examples

This idea may not be possible. I'm not sure on the licensing for this, but MDBG pulls example sentences from jukuu, which are typically much more idiomatic than what you find in dictionary examples.


I personally use it to find better examples for my Anki flashcards. I'd absolutely pay for this as a Pleco add-on.


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Their 'collaboration' page suggests that they're happy to be linked to / embedded, but not in the business of licensing out their data for offline use. So if we were going to support them I think it would probably be via an optional button to pop up a web browser page with results from their site.

I don't think this is something we could charge for because absent an offline database, we're not in a position to ensure that it remains online and available - if they go offline one day or get blocked or whatever we'd have a lot of angry customers to contend with.
I think that's a nice idea! Then the next step could be to make contextual sentence flashcards, grouped by HSK level, automatically from the harvested and user-reviewed sentences.