JF Billeter - Les gestes du chinois



Je me permets ce petit post pour signaler la sortie de "Les gestes du chinois", de Billeter, chez Allia.

C'est un petit volume absolument indispensable pour tous les apprenants du chinois, il se place d'un point de vue inédit
et je dois dire que cela va changer mon apprentissage.

A compléter avec le récent "L'art d'enseigner le chinois" chez le même éditeur (que je n'ai pas encore lu).



Hi shaluig,

many thanks! I like how it, in some sense, makes important parts of the Chinese unconscious conscious to Western learners. The more one is able find out about it oneself as a learner, the better (many ideas sounded very familiar as I leafed through, and they go even further), but this booklet certainly offers a solid start to discovering the Chinese way of thinking, which in essence also corresponds to their way of constructing sentences. I believe an ancient philosopher was also quoted with something to the effect of "The way I speak is the way I think.".

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Indeed! Billeter's point of view is precious, he shows how western grammar is just ... irrelevant when it comes to down to try to explain the core of the Chinese language. Billeter makes "Chinese" feel more poetic, more musical, more intuitive, we have a life of learning in this tiny book.
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