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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Wan, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Wan

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  2. mikelove

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    We don’t support screens this small, no - app manifest requires “medium” or larger.
  3. pdwalker

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    Trivia question Mike,

    What platform do you prefer running Pleco on? If you had to chose your current favourite, what would it be?
  4. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    iOS, but that's not really as much about the Pleco experience (which is nearly identical on both platforms) as the fact that I just like it better in general. *Much* better development tools, both off-device (Xcode) and on (Swift Playgrounds, Pythonista, etc), so as someone who frequently likes to mess around with coding experiments it's a much better OS for me.

    My single favorite Pleco-compatible device at the moment is probably the 10.5" iPad Pro - absolutely the best tablet Apple (or anyone) has ever made, and the 120Hz screen ruins you for any other device. (I just wish it didn't have a camera bump - pointless tradeoff for the sake of the very small # of people who not only take photos on their iPad but would buy a top-of-the-line iPad to do it with)

    On the Jelly Pro, I should add that we did formerly support that form factor - some great little phones from the early days of Android with small screens, like the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray (still have one in my device drawer) - but dropped it when the market moved away from them; there weren't enough Pleco customers with tiny-screen phones to justify the substantial amount of work we'd have to do to squeeze our app to that size.
  5. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    What a shame, I’d love to see it work.
    When you say “We don’t support screens that small”, does it is absolutely sure that it will not work, or does it mean it might work, but there’s no official support?
  6. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    It won't work at all - the app will refuse to start.
  7. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    Hello Mike
    I'm using the abovementioned phone (Jelly Pro) now, and Pleco installs and works without errors. I installed it from the market. The phone isn't rooted, I didn't play around with the app manifest or the build.prop file. No tinkering whatsoever.
    I assume that to avoid such errors, the producers already took such measures, I. e. have the phone pretend it has a larger screen than it actually does.

    Pleco works very well, by the way. The only "glitch" I encountered so far was the initial "e-mail me my key" dialogue, where the buttons were just barely reachable, but it was still possible to press them.
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  8. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Interesting - still not something I'd recommend, and I also can't promise that a future Pleco update won't make other parts of the UI unusable, but if it's working well for you right now then that's great.

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