Is there a way to change it so I NEVER see "no more cards due for review?"

Maybe I'm just a dumbo, but I really just want a way to do a test on the same batch (and number) of cards and I can't figure out how to do that.

What happens? I finish doing my batch of like 100 cards, then the next test lets me only do the ones I got wrong, say 3, and after I get those all right I get "no more cards due for review" and the prompt says to reset if this is in error.

Tried resetting, still does the same thing. I don't get all the 100 cards, I just get the message again.

I figured out how to fix this a while back, but now no matter what setting I try to change I get the same problem.



Staff member
Sounds like you've got spaced repetition on when you don't in fact want that. Go into New Test / Card Selection / System and set it to "Random," then set the # of cards to 'endless' and it'll keep reviewing them forever until you stop.