Is Pleco for iPad multithreaded? (Looking for a new iPad for Pleco)


I'm checking both the single core and multicore Geekbench score of different iPad models. Which of the two scores is a better predictor of how well Pleco is going to perform? I'm especially interested in how well Pleco will perform with the web reader and the Epub reader. With my old iPad Mini 2, Pleco can take a long time to calculate the number of pages in an Epub every time I re-open the document.

Especifically, I'd like to know if the new iPad with the A12 chip will be good enough for the current and future versions of Pleco. The new iPad Air (A14 chip) is almost twice as much.


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Each of them comes up in different places. In general we do more multithreading in 4.0, but even so there are still a lot of operations that are bound to a single thread. But also a lot of operations are bound to I/O speed or available RAM or other things so neither one is a great predictor of performance.

They're all a LOT faster than the mini 2, though, so if you're just looking for a speed boost versus how things are now I expect you'll be very satisfied with even the A12.

As far as the A12 being good enough for Pleco - I can't make any definite promises about the future, but I can say it would be very hard for our app to be successful if it performed poorly on a chip as new as the A12.