Is it possible to embed information about a character in a text file?

First of all, thanks for the great app!

I'm interested in learning poems and have experimented with placing a poem in a text file (just the Chinese text) and opening it up in the file reader. Something I noticed, though, is that some characters have multiple dictionary entries (行/着/长, for example), and not having additional information, I wouldn't be able to pick which definition it is supposed to be.

I could always display the pinyin below/next the word as part of the text file, but I'd prefer not to, as it's a bit distracting.

I'm wondering if there is a way to "embed" the correct/default pronunciation of the character in a text file, so that (for example) the raw text file would look like:


but the XML tags would disappear once opened, and bringing up the pop-up definition of each of the following characters would give a different "default" definition.

If not, are there any other possible workarounds I could try out?