iphone document reader -- tone colors?

Is there a way to switch on the tone colors when reading a document in the reader?

I've done a search here and in the instruction manual - but didn't see the answer.



Staff member
Not yet, but it's under consideration for a future release - not a trivial feature to add, though, since many characters can have more than one Pinyin reading (and hence more than one possible tone) and we'd want to have at least a reasonable shot of hitting on the right one. Unless you argue that having a given character always have the same color is better for memorization, even if that color only reflects the tone of its most common pronunciation - anyone have any feelings on that?


Yes, i feel it would be super to have thé option to turn on tone coloring in thé reader, i would be satisfied if it always Colors according to mots common use , which seems a simple solution. Cheerio.