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  1. ZKD

    ZKD 秀才

    Hey Team,

    As I do with every forum post, just want to thank you guys for an excellent product, first.

    Second: On my iphone when I search an entire sentence in the dictionary, I have the option to "Add to user dictionary" at the top above the list of word components. When I do this, it automatically assigns the pinyin to the flashcard, and that is how I make my sentence flashcards.

    On my iPad mini, I have no "Add to user dicitonary" option at the top. Am I doing something wrong?


  2. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Have you created a user dictionary on your iPad? (prompt only shows up if you have one to add sentences to)

    You don't actually need a user dictionary to make flashcards from this, though - just go into Settings / Search Interface and set "Unknown search" to "card."
  3. ZKD

    ZKD 秀才

    I'm not exactly sure what a user dictionary is...
  4. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Pretty much what it sounds like - a user-created dictionary database. You can make one in Settings / Manage Dictionaries.
  5. ZKD

    ZKD 秀才

    Got it. Thank you!

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