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  1. Inkstone ( list: inkstone topic) is an app - in preliminary version - for learning to write Hanzi (using mouse or touch screen) created by Skishore (a genial programmer that created also "Make me an Hanzi")

    In works wery well in couple with Pleco (look at the bottom of the message).

    Looking ath the forum theread it's possible to download the first version of
    - Android apk app
    - Mac version
    - Windows .exe version (today new arrival!)

    Can be interesting to try this preliminary version.
    I'm very happy for the integration Inkstone-Pleco, using flashcards export in this way

    You can import Pleco word lists into Inkstone if you export them from Pleco with the following settings enabled:
    • Card definitions
    • Dictionary definitions
    • Remap if unexportable
    Thanks to Mike Love of Pleco Software
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