Individual characters list from flashcards

I thought some may be interested with this: I created this Python script to create a list of the individual characters from a flashcard set. It can either sort by pronunciation, or by stroke order (see attached example, reworked in excel for proper printing).
You need to export your set and name it flashtest.txt (no card or dictionary definition). It is also necessary to download Unihan_IRGSources.txt from (the official unicode stroke count for each character).
The script can be found here: download

Hope you'll enjoy,


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Hello Pierre,

thank you, nice work!

If you're looking for another Chinese-related programming exercise, I'd suggest you try to figure out why your fast, new Tatoeba random order sentence flashcards script produces different results from my older, slower script. The algorithms differ greatly in their approach. I've noticed that my old script still finds more, and longer, expressions in the sentences, which it then shuffles. If your much faster algorithm did the same thing, it would be the best of both worlds.

Thanks a lot,

Hi! I’ll see when I have time, actually haven’t touched Python for a few months, I struggled to do this one small script
I also have in mind something another user of this forum suggested: create a table to drill tones pronunciation in two character words (based on words from a Flashcard set)



That sounds nice and could even be combined with the Tatoeba sentence database. (users first drill the individual words and then have to pronounce them inside sentences)