Incorrect Test Results With Imported Flashcards

Hello everybody, I just downloaded a list of flashcards from the forum ( ) , however I am now facing some issues when using the flashcards for a test:

In many cases, even if I dont enter any (or a wrong) character, Pleco will say my input is correct (see screenshots).
I have been trying to import the list in different formats, deleting additional columns, deleting the () for the word type abbreviations but nothing seems to help...
Some examples: the characters for 個人,有心,成 always seem to be considered as correct, even if I dont enter any characters.
For 抓,名嘴 however it works as supposed and only correct characters are considered correct.

As you can see from the screenshot of the category, Pleco recognized some vocabs during the import and added additional info.
These seem to be the ones that work correctly.

Has anybody else had this issue? If yes, is my assumption correct and (how) were you able to fix it?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Hello 東雷,

the only thing I can think of is that the Test type was mixed up somehow. (because there are fields on the screenshots to enter the characters, as well as self-grading buttons at the bottom) Have you tried setting the test type to Self-graded, back to Fill-in-the-blanks, and then starting a new studying session?




Staff member
Could be an issue with garbled inputs in the simplified or traditional field (whichever one you're not using by default) - does it help if you go into Organize Cards, Edit, Batch and have Pleco automatically generate traditional (or simplified) versions? (this will work even for words without dictionary entries)