Incomplete story in Graded Reader 1000

I was just reading the last story of the Graded Chinese Reader 1000 (故乡的雨) and it ends midway through page 53.

Any reason for that?
When I rotate the screen the text still ends mid-sentence on the last page.
Adjusting the font size either way does not help either.

Pleco Version: 3.2.64
Android Version: 6.0.1
Device: Galaxy S5 mini SM-G800F


Staff member
Hmm... if you read through the earlier parts of the story, does it seem to make sense, i.e. it's not that every page is being cut off but only this last one is? (usually when there are word wrapping issues on Android it's because there's a subtle difference between the text measurement system we're using to find page boundaries and the one that's being used to actually lay out a page, but that would probably also mean other pages would be cut short)