Importing large amount of texts from the Bible


I'll see what I can do with the Chinese Text Analyzer John. mentioned. Or I could use a short Python script together with John.'s BCC frequency list to find and count all the words. I will need a few days for it, though.


Hello, @岩恩!

I followed John.'s advice and parsed the file using the Chinese Text Analyser. It didn't launch properly under macOS Catalina, so I had to run the CTA under ubuntu, which worked very well. If you wish to study Chinese texts in general, I can recommend that you try (free full version for 14 days) and buy Chinese Text Analyser, which has a pretty good price of about 11 (eleven) USD:

I downloaded the work 新标点和合本 from:

and converted it to Unicode text using the "calibre" EPUB reader, for further processing by CTA.

I attach the 新标点和合本 word frequency list output by the CTA. It contains each word that occurs in the 新标点和合本, along with its pinyin (not always the right one, so it may be better if you let Pleco fill it in), a short English definition, and its frequency in the 新标点和合本 after the definition. Would that be what you were looking for? I also attach the simple Python script using which I extracted unique characters and frequencies from the list.

If you wish to add this list to Pleco Flashcards, you can simply add "// <<Your Pleco flashcard category name>>" as the first line using a text editor.

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I do not know what exactly to say. The work you put it to provide this is awesome. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for not only providing great help but also being a great teacher. I appreciate it all immensely. I will be looking into the converter tool more. Please know this late reply also does not denote any lack of gratitude. I am simply just getting to see this.

I appreciate it greatly and also shout outs to you and John again both for blessing Christopher, myself, and all others who may come across this looking for similar help.

Thanks much,



I'm happy that I could meet a need! It took me only about 20 minutes, and it was a good exercise for me. I love to teach, as well. If you should run into any subsequent questions, feel free to follow up.

You're welcome,