Importing custom dictionaries.

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if it’s possible to import dictionaries not listed in the in-app store. More specifically, I’m interested in importing a Russian-Chinese dictionary.
I don’t know what kind of file needs to be imported, or where they can be obtained, so I’m asking here.
Thank you in advance for helping out!


Hello @ma_nem_alf,

I have to offer a Chinese-Russian sentence dictionary; it doesn't include word-for-word, but sentence-for-sentence translations. The sentence pairs are quite short and simple, so they may still be useful for beginners.

You can import the attached files into Pleco's Flashcards module, after which you can find them under Organize Flashcards and study them. (You first need to get the Flashcards Add-on either on its own or as part of a bundle.) If you prefer to use the sentences as a dictionary, there's also an option to add the sentences to your user dictionary. If you need more info on importing, I recommend that you have a look at the manual:

Since I don't understand/speak much Russian, I don't know the Russian internet well at all. All you'd need is a text file whose lines start with a Chinese word, followed by two <tab> characters or another separator and the Russian translation. Pinyin isn't even mandatory, as Pleco can fill that in. For Pleco, the dictionary input format is:

Chinese word<tab>Pinyin with tone numbers<tab>Russian translation

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it's still a bit tricky with Pleco 3.2 and will get easier in a later version. Have a look at the following post:

Hope this helps,