Importing all the entries for a character

I have a list of characters I want to import into flashcards. If a character has several entries in the first-choice dictionary (for example PLC), I want to import all them. If the character isn't in the first-choice dictionary, then I want to import all the entries in the next-choice dictionary, and so on. Is there a way to do this?
I'm confused by what you're asking. Are you actually having a problem importing cardsI

If I am understanding your question properly, Pleco does this already if you tell it to during the flashcard import. When you import,
- set the Pleco "dictionary source" to "dicts only" and
- dictionaries, order them in the order of your preference
- store in user dict, off
- ambigous entries, use first
- missing entries, skip
- duplicate entries, merge categroies

More information here:
No. What I want is to import all the entries for a character. For example for the character 和, I want to import all the entries hé, hè, hú, huó, huò into several flashcards.


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Ah, that's not currently supported within our app - you'd have to create a flashcard list with a separate item for each pronunciation of the character.
Ah, I see.

Yes, what Mike says; you’ll have to create your flash card import file yourself, e.g.
和 he2
和 he4
(Etc, and with tab separators)
Is there a way to export all entries in PLC? So that I can then write a script to select and sort the characters I want. Or anyone has another idea on how to generate such a list?