Import phrase cards with definitions from txt file

Hi, can someone help on this -- if there is a way...

I have a list of phrases with definitions I want to import as flashcards. Here's an example:
Do you understand?​
I am trying to figure out how to import these as flashcards. I don't want to type or copy/paste the definitions. I have them all in a list, but when I import as shown above, they come in as separate cards. Pleco doesn't recognize any of the phrases from its dictionary(s). How should I separate the Chinese phrase from the English definition in the text file, in order to import them in a single card?

Any help greatly appreciated.
I have found some flashcard sentence files on this forum but they are often simplified characters with only some of them being traditional characters. I live in Taiwan and we only use traditional. Are these flashcards in this text file traditional or simplified?
They look simplified to me.

Pleco can fill in the traditional headwords while importing - however you may want to check the phrases with someone from Taiwan to see if they even make sense to a native Taiwanese Mandarin speaking speaker.