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    Hi, can someone help on this -- if there is a way...

    I have a list of phrases with definitions I want to import as flashcards. Here's an example:
    Do you understand?​
    I am trying to figure out how to import these as flashcards. I don't want to type or copy/paste the definitions. I have them all in a list, but when I import as shown above, they come in as separate cards. Pleco doesn't recognize any of the phrases from its dictionary(s). How should I separate the Chinese phrase from the English definition in the text file, in order to import them in a single card?

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    EDIT: Figured it out. Needs two tabs between Chinese and definition:
    你明白了吗? Do you understand?​
    That was a PITA to figure out, but it's a great app.

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