import flashcards with assigned categories?


Actually having a great time setting up my iPod Touch and Pleco for learning but getting stuck on the flashcard list import function. Been all through the manual and reference files and now the forum.
I think I'm getting caught in the vortex of duplicate cards, at least partly, but not sure.
I snagged some appropriate vocab lists, which I transferred via USB/iTunes and subsequently imported the first two into Flashcards. Both created a new 'Category' named after the file.
Now I can import more lists, but in one case they seem to disappear, (probably into existing lists as they are likely duplicates? Although I've 'Allowed' them since and still no success); but then with an entirely different list I can't create a new category, it just goes into the 'Uncategorized' category (oxymoron? ha!)
I have 5 Categories, one with 5 sub headings, and one Uncategorized, is this maybe my max?
The manual shows importing just short of the point of finding your new list under Organize Cards. Does the hsk.txt file from the example not write itself a new category? If it does, how?
Any way to manually assign which folder files get transferred to that I'm missing?
If you've covered this somewhere I couldn't find, feel free to just point me in that general direction.
Thanks so much, fantastic program.


Staff member
There's no way to specify a default category in the Import Cards screen yet (though there probably should be), so any cards that aren't explicitly tagged with a category in the import file are put into "Uncategorized."

However, it's quite easy to add categories to your import files; just add a line consisting of two slashes followed by the category name, like this:

//My Category

All of the cards that come after that line will be automatically put in the category with that name; it'll be created for you if it doesn't already exist. Inserting another line like this will assign the cards after it to the category named on that line instead.