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Discussion in 'Flashcard Exchange' started by Monrad, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Monrad

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    So I have a file of 600 cards, but I only want to learn in batches of 20. I want to repeat the same cards over many test sessions, successively replacing the ones that I have ticked off as "correct" several times with other cards from the same file.
    Can anyone explain to me in plain English how this is possible?
  2. mikelove

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    Turn on "limit new cards" in New Test / Card Selection, set it to limit "by" "maximum unlearned" (so that it's not a cap on new cards per day but rather on the total number in circulation at once), set the 'count' to 20, and then set the 'card is learned if' option in the section above that to whatever criterion you'd like to use (probably 'correct in row' or 'correct total' from your description).
  3. Shun

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    Let me add to this that one might see more than 20 cards if more than 20 had already been reviewed. Creating a new scorefile under New Test / Scoring would let you really start with 20 cards.

    Another option, which I like, would be to just split the category up into chunks of 20. This will give you the full freedom to repeat the same stack of cards after 1-2 weeks, say. Then you could use a card filter on all of them to study only those cards you answered wrong more than once, f.ex.
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    Thanks very much, that´s a great help.
    Shun, danke für die PPP.
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