Icons at the bottom of the screen and easy erase


The first one is a very old request, I really think that having the icon at the botom of the screen reduce hand movement when ready a text and looking repeatedly for unknown words in Plecodict, and so speed up the all process (it only have to be a option)

At the moment I use Plecodict on a small taiwan phono Xplore M68, screen is small but I still use my finger to write hanzi on the screen using the chinese operating system, but to erase the input line, I've got problem pointing on the eraser because it is a little too small.
It will be nice if there is a easy and fast way to clear the input line (one hardware key or an opion to clean the input line when you double click on the screen)

finally, I'm still looking for a Chinese-French-Chinese dictionnary, and I don't care about the software being in english ! As most people studying Chinese in France can read english, and Chinese people learning french allready know about english.


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Yes, I remember you mentioning the buttons on the bottom of the screen before. We've held off on doing this so far because we feel that the top of the screen is more familiar to most people (due to its resembling a web browser) and because until recently it would have been difficult to implement this as an option, but our interface layout system has gotten pretty powerful in the last few PlecoDict updates and we're now at a point where we should be able to make this an option in 2.0.

We've gotten a lot of requests for a hardware erase button - we tried to implement it by having the input field clear when you hold down the delete key on your Palm's keyboard, but unfortunately there were some technical hurdles that made it pretty much impossible for us to reliably determine how long a button had been held down. We're planning to add a feature in 2.0 where you can assign hardware keys to specific commands, so it should certainly be possible to make one of them erase the input field.

As for a Chinese-French-Chinese dictionary, if there were a free database like CEDICT available for Chinese-French we'd gladly produce a PlecoDict conversion of it'; there's already such a project for Chinese-German at http://www.chinaboard.de/chinesisch_deutsch.php, and as it's distributed under a Creative Commons license, we plan to release a free PlecoDict module with it once it's a little farther along in development. But I'm not sure if there would be enough of a market for a Chinese-French dictionary to license a commercially-published one; we're already at the low end of what many publishers consider to be acceptable sales levels even with our Chinese-English products.