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Discussion in 'Pleco for Android' started by Paradox460, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Paradox460

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    The icon, at least on android, looks a little dated, so I spent a half hour this morning and made a modern one.

    I've attached a zip of all the needed Android asset sizes as well as the SVG and .ai file

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  2. Paradox460

    Paradox460 Member

    If there's interest, I can make up icons for the other shortcuts (flashcards, etc) with their respective colors and hanzi
  3. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Thanks for your efforts, but at the moment that look is actually intentional - our current feeling is that it's more important that the icon look consistent cross-platform than that it look perfectly adapted to each platform (particularly given occasional attempts by other companies to squat on our brand or our icon design in third-party app stores), and since iOS icons have a much more rigid 'look' that's the one we've gone with. Basically, we think the irritation that hardcore Android users feel at our non-Android-y icon hurts us less than the confusion from having a different icon on each platform would.

    We do have an alternate round icon that appears on versions of Android with a round-icon app launcher, though, and of course on Android there are lots of utilities available to customize app icons however you like, so if you or anybody else feels like inserting this in place of our icon via one of those utilities you can certainly do that.

    Apple recently added an API for apps to change their icons in iOS 10.3 beta and we expect Google will likely follow suit in Android 8, at which point we'll be happy to add an official alternative icon that looks suitably Android-like (and in fact can be much more dramatically different from iOS because it's not the default icon), but for the time being we think the default icon (and the one in our Google Play listing etc) needs to remain that same standard cross-platform one.
  4. Paradox460

    Paradox460 Member

    Ah okay, I understand completely. Thanks

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