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  1. Attached there is a first version of HSK Level 1-4 flascards with italian definition (chinese examples included, but not translated).

    Furio P.

    EDIT: New revision 30 march 2016 - improved examples

    *** For importing flashcards using only italian definitions:
    File Import >
    -- Definition: File only ; -- Duplicate: Allow ; -- Store in user dictionary ; -- Chose file: (...)/NuovoHSKLivello0104.txt -- Begin Import
    [ Note: it's better to add a tag to each Subcategory Nuovo HSK / Livello 1 an so on for a visualition of the level in main search page]
    *** For using as user dictionary: Setting > Manage Dictionaries > Add User > New ; give a name like HSK ITA and select when the new name appear; Import Entries > Chose File: (...)/NuovoHSKLivello0104.txt > Begin Import. Close and restart Pleco and the definition will appear if the therm is in HSK ITA dictionary.

    *** IT'S BETTER TO check the option "Build the Full-text Index for an Italian-Chinese search instead of chinese-italian only.

    In Setting > Manage Dictionary > HSK ITA it's better to uncheck "skip over on button tap" an rename the "Icon Abbereviatin" "ITA", so we'll search also only italian terms.

    The source was http://zak965.it/cinese/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/HSK-1-italiano.pdf & similar, converted in xlsx and after in txt

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    Thank you very much for the shared content!
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