How to set up Cram Session

After months of trying to get the flashcards to work for me, I'm calling on this community for help.

In short: I wish to set up the program to emulate the graduated learning approach of Byki software. I know the interval approach may work better in the long term, but I need a program that will help me cram for 20-50 new words to prepare me for tests and class.

For cards I answer incorrectly, I need to see them again literally right away or after one card at the very latest. I want to be cycled through a same 20-50 word set over and over, until I answer each and every card correctly many times in a row. Those I had trouble answering in the past come up more frequently.

I have tried the limit unlearned function but it does not appear to work. I switched to the frequency adjusted scoring but the software doesn't do what i've mentioned above. I've messed around with the card scoring and limit unlearned function. Is it possible to set up Pleco to help me cram for an exam?


I talked about this setting before here for Palm
Flashcards Simplified

You can do the same thing in Pleco iPhone by changing the following settings:

Card Filters - Score Filter
- Enable = On
- Range start = 1
= Range end = 100 [or whatever the highest score cards you want to study]

Card Selection
- System = Fixed
- Sort by = score
- Order = ascending
- Card is learned if score >=
- Amount = 200
- Prioritize by created

- Scoring system = manual
- Configure Score
- Increase Enable = On
- Increase score = by
- Amount = 100
- If correct = 2
- Type = in a row

- Decrease Enable = On
- Decrease score = by
- Amount = 100
- If incorrect = 1
- Type = in a row

Score limits
- Enable = on
- Minimum score = 100