How to import flashcard file title?


I have a bunch of txt flashcard files. They import just fine. But every time I import one the title shown is "Imported Words". Then I have to go to Manage Lists, select the list and change the title in Properties.

Is there any way to have the title extraced from the file during import?

If I'm reading the manual correctly it says you can enter "// <title>" (that is a double slash followed by a space and then the name of the title). When I do that the title is still shown as "Imported Words" and the first entry in the list is now what ever I had written as the title in the file.


Thanks in advance!


work around

In a previous post it's explained that lots of file editors include a UTF-8 BOM at the begining of the file automatically. I'm using MS Word to save my flashcard files -- and it inserts a BOM.

I found a freeware UTF-8 editor called notepad2 ( that allows you to save the file "without signature" -- this solved the problem. :idea:


Palm Editors

On the Palm, I use CardTXT, an excellent freeware text (and DOC) editor. If you use a Palm, first copying the text files over to card, then editing them with CardTXT should remove unecessary codes.
I several times exported flashcards from Pleco, modified the title with CardTXT and reimported them with a different title. Works fine.